Monday, 30 September 2013


Hello everyone,
My name is Abhishek, I am from India and I am an electronics enthusiast. 
It is said "An idle mind is a devil's workshop". I believe an idle mind is an opportunity waiting to be prodded into action. Having said that, I have created this blog as platform where I wish to exchange information on various aspects pertaining to science ( majorly physics and math theoretical concepts and/or their application ) and electronics.
I have completed my bachelors in Electronics And Communication. During the course I believe I have understood some of the basics of electronics, which were monumental in many projects that I have undertaken over the years. I wish to share my experiences, data and "many mistakes" that went into making these projects.
I do acknowledge that what I know about the field is a drop in the ocean and hence I too am receptive to your ideas, which will augment my understanding of the field. Feel free to question and post. Cheers!
                    "Scientists discover a world that exists, 
                                                    Engineers create a world that does not exist"